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well, i am mad, but i'm naturally mad. i don't use any chemicals.

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Admit it. We’ve all watched slightly questionable movies and tv shows just because our favourite actors were in it for .03 seconds

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Big Eyes (2014) - Tim Burton

This is where it’s come to, huh? You are the only living soul I can tell my secret too, I painted every single one of them. Every Big Eye, Me. And no one will ever know but you.

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And what is this display now? As amusing as you are —

And we finally get Malcolm Tucker..

Y’know what help was? Help was a lot of people sitting in a circle talking about how fucking awful things had got! That is not my idea of a good time. [And this is?!] They told me when to go to bed! ME! [Gary, mate. How can you tell when you’re drunk if you’re never sober?] I don’t want to be sober!

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